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ITHerd Rules of Service

Our responsibilities:
1. Provide you with quality database services
2. Securely back-up of your data daily to an off-site location
3. Provide 95% up time of our servers
4. Provide email and telephone support to our clients or trial-basis clients in good standing
5. Keep your data distinct and never shared with anyone
Your responsibilities:
1. Follow copyright laws relative to any information you and/or third parties provide for use on your database
2. Ensure that any software and/or links you and/or third parties provide do not contain any malware (viruses, phishing, etc.) programs
3. Do not promote any of the following: hate, pornography, illegal activities (financial or otherwise), or have inappropriate content based upon our review
4. Keep your account current by ensuring that your payment for ITHerd service is received within the stated terms on your invoice
Our rights:
1. Review any or all materials you and/or third-parties provide for your database content
2. Restrict the use of our services in the event of late payment, non-payment or non-compliance to these Rules of Service
5. Delete client data 60 days after an account becomes non-compliant with the Rules of Service or due to non-payment
Your rights:
1. Receive answers to your email or telephone inquiries within one business day
2. Receive prompt service for questions about your database
3. You may terminate this agreement and your use of ITHerd services prior to the start of the next billing period by email or written notice to Vito & Associates, Inc.
4. Data export on your behalf is not included in your monthly service fee and will be billed on an hourly basis. We will make every effort to accommodate your requested file specification. Data exports will only be provided to clients in good standing.
By entering into agreement for services via ITHerd, you agree that Vito & Associates, Inc., as providers of Home of the Herds products, will not be held responsible for, nor bear any liability for, any interruption of service which may result from:
- ISP error or service outage caused by third-party agencies
- DNS attack or any other malware programs and their agents
- natural disaster or man-made emergency
If at any point in time you have questions, please call us at 888.675.4515, Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Pacific Time
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